Pier 7 of San Francisco


View of Transamerica Pyramid from Pier 7

Pier Seven is one of my favourite photography spots in San Francisco. When you walk to the end of the long pier, you would be able to get a good view of the San Francisco Belle, the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island, and the Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill. As you turn back towards the city, the famous Transamerica Pyramid building is right in front of you. The sunset and evening views are especially magical.


Bad News Brown of Montreal

Bad News Brown Mural

Bad News Brown, a.k.a.BNB, was a Montreal-based Canadian musician. He was well known for pairing the sound of harmonica, with hip-hop beats and rhymes. He was murdered on Feb 11, 2011.

Honeymoon Bay of Freycinet Park

Honeymoon Bay

This huge rock sitting in shallow water is the focal point of Honeymoon Bay located in the Freycinet National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Tank Stream Way At Early Dawn

Tank Stream Way At Early Dawn

The streets of Sydney are empty at the early morning before sunrise.

Fascinated by the Cloud

N20131211-DSC05315The Cloud Gate is a well-photographed sculpture in Chicago, and yet, every photograph appears to be unique. This is because of the all-mirror surface and the unique shape of the structure, as well as the ever-changing ambient lighting conditions and overhead cloud formation. No matter how many times I have been at the Cloud Gate, I just could not get tired of shooting all around, and underneath this wonderful sculpture.

Naked Cowboy in Times Square

Naked Cowboy

Naked Cowboy

There are all kinds of animated characters around Times Square, begging for tourists to take photos with them, usually in exchange for money. The Naked Cowboy is one of the best, and I managed to capture a couple of shots for free.




Cardero’s of Vancouver

Cardero's Restaurant

The Cardero’s Restaurant and Marine Pub offers fresh seafood dishes and magnificent waterfront view in Vancouver. The rustic building is supported by pillars over the water of Coal Harbour.